Why Lease Your Next Acura?

There is a certain type of pride we feel when we drive a brand-new car off the dealership lot. You feel rejuvenated and full of possibilities while the thought of a longer commute starts to become more enjoyable. Imagine being able to experience that feeling every 2 to 4 years.

At Acura of Oakville, you can! Choosing to lease your Acura allows you to enjoy the new car feel, the luxuries, comforts, and technology Acura has to offer without paying the full retail value of a new Acura. You can reap the benefits of choosing AcuraLease which includes lower monthly lease payments over a shorter period, flexible terms, and paying only the taxes on your monthly payment rather than the full cost of the vehicle. And the best part of AcuraLease is, that if you happen to fall in love with the vehicle, you have the option of buying out the vehicle at the end of the closed-end lease term.

A closed-end lease is a scheduled number of payments that you agree to make over the term of your lease and the leasing company determines the price of the lease-end value of your Acura at the end of the term. You can either purchase the vehicle for the pre-determined price or return it without further obligation. Sound too good to be true? It's not. Contact Us today for more information on leasing your next Acura.

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