AcuraLink Technology

Acura Owners Stay Connected With AcuraLink

It's that time of year again, the mall parking lot fills up quickly with holiday shoppers and you waste precious time in the blistering cold searching for your vehicle. Stop searching and connect to your Acura vehicle seamlessly with AcuraLink Technology wherever you have cellular signal.

You can access your vehicle, check diagnostic information, lock and unlock doors, and find the exact location of your car directly from your smartphone! You will never have to worry again about whether you locked your door or wonder where you parked your Acura. Now you can unlock or lock your doors from your office, inside a grocery store, nearly anywhere from your smartphone. You can also flash the lights and sound the horn.

AcuraLink syncs with your vehicle's onboard Maintenance Minder and signals you when you need routine service or repair. There is no need to call, you can schedule a service appointment with Acura of Oakville Service Department right in the app or on the web. You can also stay informed with the in-app and web message centers. Information such as maintenance appointments or recalls can be read here.

With AcuraLink, your instrument cluster has a dual purpose; the conventional role and a new online presence. You can log into it anytime for an instantaneous look at vital data, including tire pressure status, fuel, and odometer reading. You can even run diagnostics that can help troubleshoot issues to get you on the road faster.

AcuraLink Technology gives you access to your vehicle's navigation system maps through your smartphone. You can search for destinations, plot routes, plan your adventure, and send a ready itinerary to your vehicle.

Visit Acura of Oakville today to discover the AcuraLink available on new MDX, RLX, and TLX models with Navigation.