Front Wheel Alignment vs 4 Wheel Alignment

Front Wheel Alignment vs 4 Wheel Alignment

Front Wheel Alignment vs 4 Wheel Alignment in Oakville, Ontario

If you are looking for a great Acura dealership in Oakville, Ontario, look no further than Acura of Oakville. We are proud to be your premier Acura dealership in Oakville, providing the very best customer service to you. Acura of Oakville also serves the surrounding areas of Mississauga, Milton, and Burlington.

What Is Wheel Alignment And Why Is It Important?

Wheel alignment means you align the vehicle's suspension and its steering components. If the suspension and these steering components are all lined up, then your vehicle's wheels are correctly aligned. We measure suspension angles and adjust several different suspension components when we are performing wheel alignment service. Aligning all these parts might sound simple, but it is quite a complicated procedure.

Wheel alignment is critical because it means that your wheels will align properly with each other and your vehicle's axles. If your tires are angled so that they make excellent contact with the surface of the road, then you will have an easier time driving your vehicle. Proper wheel alignment also makes it easier for you to control your car, further adding to your safety. Additionally, if your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned, then the wear on its tires is more even, and your tires will last longer as a result.

What Is 4-Wheel Alignment?

Getting a 4-wheel alignment means you are getting all four wheels of your vehicle adjusted. If your vehicle uses an all-wheel-drive and has independent suspensions, you will have to opt for a 4-wheel alignment when you receive wheel alignment service. When we do a 4-wheel alignment, we adjust the caster and the front toe of your vehicle for your front wheels. We will adjust the camber and toe of your vehicle's rear wheels if you get a 4-wheel alignment.

What Is 2-Wheel Alignment?

Front-wheel alignment is better known as a 2-wheel adjustment. As you might have guessed, front-wheel alignment means that our certified technicians would only align your vehicle's front wheels. Usually, front-end alignments consist of adjusting the caster, front toe, and camber of your vehicle.

Some vehicles have a solid rear axle, and this kind of axle never needs adjustment. Our certified technicians might have to perform a thrust-angle alignment as part of a front-end alignment. A thrust-angle alignment means that our service technician ensures that all the wheels are square with one another.

Why Is It Important to Know When You Need a Wheel Alignment?

It is essential to know when to align your car because misaligned wheels negatively affect the steering and suspension. Your tires could get worn down prematurely and unevenly as a result of incorrect wheel alignment. Knowing when you need a wheel alignment also lets you avoid expensive repairs and buying replacement tires more frequently.

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