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Acura Of Oakville Tire Centre

Winters are harsh in Canada, but driving shouldn't have to be. Ever find yourself reluctant to drive when it is snowing or raining? Your car is simply unable to grip the road, sending you slipping and sliding in every direction. Not only is this extremely unsafe for you and your passengers, it is also dangerous for other commuters and pedestrians on the road.

At Acura of Oakville, we want to put confident drivers with a smooth ride on the road. Whether your car is new or old, the quality of your ride and the ability to handle and maneuver your car is directly impacted by the quality of your tires and wheels. On your next Scheduled Service Appointment in Oakville ask one of our highly qualified technicians to check the condition of your tires and wheels. We will look for severe wear and tear, inadequate tire pressure, and any alignment issues. If any one your tires or wheels are compromised, we will let you know.

Selecting the Right Tire

Having the proper tires and wheel outfitted on your vehicle will not only be aesthetically appealing but will also deliver a smooth and effortless ride, have the ability to grip the road allowing you to turn with control, and come to a complete stop when you brake without gliding forward.

Visit Acura of Oakville Tire Centre for more information on tire storage, tire rotation, alignment, and more! We carry a diverse range of tire brands and sizes to match any vehicle. Alternatively, browse our website where you can order tires and rims as a package or individually online.