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Service Your Brakes in Oakville, ON

When planning your next road trip, it is natural to check your engine's oil, lights, and gauges. However, one of the most important safety mechanisms on your vehicle is your brake system. You want to be able to come to a full stop in any situation. Any component of a brake system, when not operating properly, can place you in a dangerous predicament. Once you notice any irregularities in your braking be sure to have your brakes inspected as soon as possible. It is important that you get your brakes checked regularly and get them serviced or replaced if needed. When you get your Acura brakes serviced, there are several components that are tested; brake oil, pads, and rotors. During the winter and summer seasons, wet roads wash away your brake's lubrication allowing corrosion to set in which can cause brake pads to hinder their ability to return to their normal position. Binding results in excess heat on your brake pads which can cause glazing and impede braking performance or cause further damage to your vehicle if not serviced. When you bring your vehicle into Acura of Oakville our technicians will inspect the amount of wear on the brake pads, rotors, wheel cylinders, and other components. Brakes are then disassembled to deglaze your brake pads and rotors then all moving components are cleaned and lubricated. If any component needs to be replaced, we use genuine Acura parts to ensure braking accuracy.

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