Acura Engine Oil Change Services in Oakville, ON

How important are regular oil changes? It is well known that an oil change is recommended approximately every 5,000km's, but why? One of the main reasons for getting an oil change is to clean your engine. After a couple of thousand Kilometers of driving your engine can become dirty and less efficient so having your oil changed is very important. Deposits of dirt can build up on the inside of an engine, and this can become a major problem if left unattended. Dirty or clogged oil filters allow contaminants to flow into your engine where they can cause damage as well as affect your fuel efficiency. You also risk restricting the flow of oil to your engine, which could potentially lead to engine failure. That is why it is also important to protect your engine with a new Acura oil filter every time you change the oil. Routinely scheduling an oil service appointment, as well as thorough vehicle inspection, can save you money at the pumps and down the road from major engine repairs. Acura of Oakville's skilled and qualified technicians can answer any questions you may have about the maintenance and proper care of your vehicle. And, to keep costs at a minimum, Acura filters and oils are already stocked in our Parts Department. If we do not stock a part you need or are looking for, our Parts Department will order genuine Acura parts online for you when you need them.