Winter Tire Changes

Winter Tire Change at Acura of Oakville

When the snow begins to melt, and the temperature starts to warm up, we know the days of open sunroofs, and beautiful sunlight is ahead. However, during the harsh winter season, our vehicles are equipped with recommended winter tires from Acura of Oakville's winter tire centre. They provide excellent traction on snow and ice, which heightens our level of safety while driving. Once the warm weather begins to arrive, our winter tires become less effective and need to be changed. Fortunately, at Acura of Oakville, located at 1525 North Service Rd. W. Oakville, Ontario not only do we provide a wide range of services for your winter tires but also when its time to change to all-season tires our tire centre is ready to help.

Winter Tire Change in Oakville

There are some misconceptions when it comes to the importance of utilizing winter tires. Some consumers believe they are unnecessary, while others are adamant that before every winter season, they are installed. One question that frequently comes up is below.

When To Change Winter Tires?

As Canadian winter comes to an end and the arrival of spring is inevitable, the ideal time to change winter tires is upon us. When the ambient temperature is consistently projected to stay above 7 degrees Celsius, please give our service centre a call, or you can schedule a service appointment online and one of our courteous service consultants will follow up with you.

There are other important reasons to change your winter tires to all-season tires. Please see below:

  • The tread pattern on winter tires typically possess a more aggressive design to cut through ice and snow. However, this also results in more road noise when roads are dry.
  • The compound used in winter tires also tends to be softer. This benefits drivers when temperatures get colder. When temperatures warm up the soft compound will tend to wear quicker.
  • Changing winter tires to all-seasons also helps to increase the life expectancy of each tire set. When the right tire is used during the appropriate season, it will help to save money in the long run.
  • The changing of tires between seasons also allows our expert technicians a chance to inspect your tires at least twice a year, helping to prevent long term issues.

Acura of Oakville: Your Tire Change Centre

As we have learned above, it is rather imperative to change your winter tires to a set of all-season tires when the time for it comes. We have had the pleasure of servicing automotive consumers from Mississagua, Milton, and Burlington for many years, and our service department is ready to assist you in any of your tire needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about what tires are best for your application.

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