Carmen Scaglione's Reviews

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Carmen Scaglione
General Manager

JEN M. | JUNE 20, 2017 | GOOGLE
"My new car is just as amazing as the staff I just met with! Thanks so much Rob, Jon and Carmen for all your help and guidance. Rob spent two hours with me explaining all the features - he is professional, intuitive, patient and so knowledgeable! What an asset to the team! I will recommend Acura of Oakville to any one who will listen!"

ALLAN H. | MAY 30, 2017 | GOOGLE
"I have been leasing cars from Acura of Oakville for many years now - this 2017 TLX is my 5th vehicle with them this year and there's a reason why I keep going back to them - excellent customer service. My sales rep - Vince Pietrantuono and Carmen Scaglione - the GM, have taken good care of me from day one. I love the service staff and the mechanics at this dealership. I intend to continue leasing from Acura of Oakville."

"From start to finish, buying my new Acura was a wonderful experience. Carmen and Mike were professional and friendly. I would recommend Acura of Oakville!"

DAVID S. | APRIL 10, 2017 | GOOGLE
"I've bought several vehicles from Acura of Oakville and they have proven to provide excellent service each time. Carmen's team is amazing to deal with. Vince, Rob and Jon help to make the process very efficient and fun."

"The team at Acura of Oakville is always attentive and friendly. When I came by this time, there was a team party for the holidays. Carmen was on the guitar and singing -- it was a great atmosphere. Thank you and here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

"Carmen, I'm impressed at the level of service provided and feel compelled once again to offer positive reviews for the entire Acura of Oakville Service Team. Although I have always responded to Acura email surveys, I wanted to send this message to you as well; I believe proper credit should be directed to the appropriate people. I have been a loyal customer of the Acura brand for many years, however was not impressed with the level of service until I visited your location. A simple and unexpected tire repair brought me in for the first time, and the level of service and professionalism experienced on that day brought me back many times over the years. I have had the pleasure of dealing with David Harris and Steve Arlauskas, not only have they earned my loyalty they continue to impress and provide a level of service that is appreciated and rare in the industry. It is also notable that the level of service doesn't stop with these two professional individuals it also extends to Chris Thompson and John Milidoni. There is no doubt a clear message is being received from every level of management and it's evident throughout your entire service team. There's no question the positive, pleasant attitude portrayed by your staff is a reflection of their leaders."

"This dealership is awesome. Carmen was amazing. Steve and his team in service deserve a big thanks for being accommodating and delivering lot more than expected. I am on my third car with this dealership."

"5-Star service all the way! Everyone here gives you the royal treatment, whether you are taking your car in for service, detailing or just looking at another vehicle to lease. We will be an Acura family for life! Everyone on my street has one parked in their driveway:) Thanks Carmen."

"We recently purchased a 2017 RDX from Acura Oakville. We have received excellent service for our previous Acura and have been coming to see Vince for several years. Without exception, he was eager to answer any questions and offer extended test rides. Our experience with all the staff at Acura Oakville has been exceptional, including Carmen. Vince was a consummate professional throughout our purchase experience; he explained all of the key aspects of the car and went out of his way to answer my follow up questions. A really nice touch was a bottle of wine as a gift to celebrate our new car. Based on our exceptional customer experience, I highly recommend Acura of Oakville as a dealership and Vince Pietrantuono as your trusted agent for your new Acura!"

"I have dealt exclusively with Carmen Scaglione for all the vehicles that our family has needed for more than 15 years. This week, I picked up the new 2017 MDX from Carmen and Mike Kuphos, representing my 7th purchase. The experience was what I have come to expect from Acura of Oakville: exceptional. The deal was excellent, the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and, on the very rare times that I need service, Steve Arlauskas and his team take care of me. Behind the state-of-the-art dealership, it is the people that actually run it that matter and Carmen and the team that he leads at Acura of Oakville are people that I trust, which keeps me coming back. This was the first time that I had met Mike Kuphos, but he clearly fits well with Carmen's team and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Thanks Carmen and Mike, I love the MDX and as always you made the purchase and overall customer experience exceptional."

ED C. | JULY 19, 2016 | GOOGLE
"This will be a unique review as I am a former employee of this dealership. I would 100% still be happily employed if it weren't for my wife accepting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity out of town. In an age where the car shopping experience can be stressful, unnerving and downright unpleasant, I can appreciate the customer's apprehensive feelings when first walking into the dealership. That being said, Carmen has mentored me during my tenure and has created a phenomenal atmosphere for not only the guests that arrive but for all his employees as well. Bottom line, you will experience a truly exceptional car-buying experience which almost seems to come effortlessly. I wish I could name each and every team member I have worked with and give them the credit they deserve, but the list is too long! I will end by saying, whether you're purchasing your very first vehicle or your collection of cars rivals Jay Leno, you will not find a better dealership with better people to buy and service your vehicle. It pains my heart to leave such a great place, but I know it's in great hands, and I'm sure you will enjoy your experience as well."

MILES S. | JULY 16, 2016 | GOOGLE
"Incredible customer service! Carmen and Wilson made buying a new car easy, enjoyable and stress-free. Knowledgeable and genuinely good people, I can't recommend these guys enough!"

GEORGE B. | APRIL 29, 2016 | YELP
"Today I picked up my third Acura, a new TLX. All three were from dealerships managed by Carmen. The first two were from Mississauga and the third from Oakville. Ed, Jon and Elisha went out of their way to be helpful. They are patient people who have a passion for the vehicles they sell and respect for the people they sell them to. These people reflect the values established by a strong management team who have high standards but treat the team with respect. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for quality and service."

"What can I say? Ed and Kal helped us out of a bind. We have been an Acura family since our 1990 Acura Integra GS, so we know the brand pretty well. We have dealt with many Acura dealerships over the years and I have to say, the folks at Acura of Oakville are a class act. When our 2005 Acura MDX finally gave out after many years of faithful service, the team at Acura of Oakville (Rui, Dave and Steve) set us up in another vehicle as quick as possible. Service was incredible as they guided us into the right options to fit out family. We can't thank you enough! Finally, many thanks to Carmen for setting the example of how customer service should be done. We will definitely be coming back for our next Acura."

"I have leased my third Acura RDX here. The staff is knowledgeable, patient, professional and experienced. Ed Choi went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and I completely understood the leasing details. The service is superlative. Steve is always there for you and will explain everything as required. Carmen is in a class by himself. He is friendly, empathetic, understanding and supportive. He can help you find the right solution for your needs. Carmen and his team are phenomenal. I highly recommend Acura of Oakville."

"I recently purchased a 2016 Acura RDX from Acura of Oakville and I love it -- it's my second RDX from this dealership! I've had very positive experiences with this dealership over the past four years. I'm always treated with friendliness and professionalism. Carmen was quick to respond to my request for information and pricing. Omar and Jon were helpful in arranging everything, including dealing with the insurance company. Omar walked me through everything when I picked up my car. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. The service department is very helpful and friendly also. I'd definitely recommend them."

"The entire experience dealing with the team at Acura of Oakville was a pleasure. Congratulations to Carmen on building a sales team that is truly focused on customer service! We are the happy drivers of two vehicles from Acura of Oakville."

"I had been looking at purchasing my first car for the past several years and decided I wanted an Acura TL. After doing some quick research, I discovered it had been discontinued. The Acura TLX looked appealing, so I decided to drop into Acura of Oakville on my way home from work. Upon arriving at the dealership, I was greeted in a professional manner by Mirella and was able to look around without being pushed into a sales pitch. After looking around for a little bit, Mirella asked me if I required any assistance and paged Ed Choi. I really appreciated Ed's approach in helping me out. I explained some of the other options I was looking at besides the TLX and was given an informed opinion on the different makes and models. After speaking with him for about an hour, I decided to go for a test drive. He demonstrated some of the driving features and showed the great tech options available in the TLX. This car is extremely smooth and agile. I still wasn't sure about the car and told Ed I wanted some time to think about it. He was very understanding and was not pushy. He stayed in touch with me over the next several weeks and answered all of my questions. Ed even suggested I take the car for an extended test drive for a couple of hours to really get a feel for the TLX. I took advantage of that and was sold on the car afterwards. I checked some other Acura dealerships for pricing and found Acura of Oakville still offered the best deal. I would definitely recommend buying your next car from them. Everyone there is extremely professional and helpful. Thanks again Ed, Mirella, Carmen and Elisha!"

COLAN N. | AUGUST 15, 2015 | YELP
"I recently purchased a 2011 CSX. Not only are Acuras great cars but this location has great customer service. I drove an hour to have my car serviced today. Why? Because I was treated so well when I purchased my car at this dealership. Carmen runs the show and clearly has a passion for Acura and customer service. My family has been purchasing cars from this dealership and from Carmen since the 1990s. They also have a nice comfy lounge with WiFi, coffee and a TV."

MARK G. | JULY 28, 2015 | YELP
"An amazing staff led by Carmen, the ultimate gentleman! If you love Acura cars like I do, then this is the dealership for you. Since 2004 I have bought, leased and serviced a TSX, 3 MDX's and 1 ZDX. Love the cars, love the service and, while I used to think the costs were high, I have come to realize that you get total value for your money at Acura of Oakville. Carmen has built a team from top to bottom that cares and really works hard to ensure you have a great experience with them. I used to go to other dealers when I had my first Acura TSX in 2004 and the level of customer service and customer satisfaction were good but not at the exceptional level established in Oakville. There is a reason this dealership wins awards every year within the Acura group."

LIVIU T. | APRIL 16, 2015 | GOOGLE
"We recently purchased a 2016 MDX from Acura of Oakville and we love it. Not just the car but the experience we had with this dealership as well. We were treated with courtesy and professionalism throughout entire process. Before deciding on this vehicle, we had test driven many other brands but we decided to buy from Acura because of their pricing, quality and customer experience. Carmen was very friendly and considerate to our needs, contributing to the overall positive experience. I would like to also mention Moe Moati who helped us decide on the right trim, got us an excellent price for our trade-in and paid close attention to our financial needs when negotiating the price on the new car. At the end of the day, I feel that Moe is not only an excellent sales person, but a good friend too. Thanks Moe and Carmen."

MARK C. | APRIL 3, 2015 | GOOGLE
"I went to visit the Service Team yesterday to get scheduled maintenance done. The team is always very professional and responsive. Dave, Michael & Jenny always greet me by my name, which is a good quality. The vehicle was serviced, cleaned and completed promptly. Jimmy came and picked me up and we always share great conversations en route. The Sales Team is great; I always make a point to pop over to see Vince and ask how the growing family is doing. Steve's overall guidance of the Service Team is fantastic. I always enjoy talking cars with him and he definitely looks out for the customers. Carmen, you have evolved a great collection of customer-centric people there and will keep me coming back! Now encourage them to bring back a manual in the TLX!"

CHRIS H. | MARCH 31, 2015 | GOOGLE
"I have been dealing with Carmen and Vince for approximately 15 years and there is a reason why. Their level of service is unmatched and just great guys to deal with. The service department is a pleasure to deal with as well. I am a customer for life and will continue to deal with Acura of Oakville. Thanks so much guys for everything you do. I highly recommend becoming apart of their family!"

LAN Y. | MARCH 26, 2015 | GOOGLE
"We're very happy with our 2015 Acura RDX purchase at Acura of Oakville. Carmen and Tom were very responsive to my email request. When we went to visit two days later, Kal Al-Hubaishi helped us with the test drive, selecting the colour of our new car and trading in our old Buick. He even walked us through everything when we picked up our car. He was very nice and thoughtful. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience; great customer service."

GREG B. | MARCH 26, 2016 | GOOGLE
"Acura of Oakville treated me like a valued customer the first day I walked in! Since I bought my first Acura from them six months ago, I've had the opportunity to work with several people there and I think that they all deserve mention. Ed Choi worked with me to find the right car -- he handled my trade-in and when it came time to negotiate a price, he worked with Tom to make it happen. Elisha worked with me on purchase financing options and helped me to make an informed decision about buying their extended warranty -- which I did. When it came time to service my vehicle, Dave listened to what I had to say about the car and went out of his way to make it right. Throughout my visits to their dealership, Carmen has never missed an opportunity to say "hello" and to ask if there was anything else that they could do for me. Carmen and his team have created an excellent customer service experience -- one that I relate to my friends and will remember for a very long time!"

"My husband and I both have Acuras that we have serviced at Acura of Oakville since they opened in 2008. They are the best dealership that I have ever been to! They offer first-class service with attention to detail -- Chris, Steve, Jenny and all of the people there truly care! My MDX is over 10 years old and thanks to them, I have never had any serious issues with my car. My husband's TL is 9 years old and loves being serviced at Acura of Oakville. Thanks to Carmen and his great team at Acura of Oakville for a job well done!"