Jenny Myers' Reviews

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Jenny Myers
Service Advisor
*Currently on Maternity Leave*

MARK C. | APRIL 3, 2015 | GOOGLE
"I went to visit the Service Team yesterday to get scheduled maintenance done. The team is always very professional and responsive. Dave, Michael & Jenny always greet me by my name, which is a good quality. The vehicle was serviced, cleaned and completed promptly. Jimmy came and picked me up and we always share great conversations en route. The Sales Team is great; I always make a point to pop over to see Vince and ask how the growing family is doing. Steve's overall guidance of the Service Team is fantastic. I always enjoy talking cars with him and he definitely looks out for the customers. Carmen, you have evolved a great collection of customer-centric people there and will keep me coming back! Now encourage them to bring back a manual in the TLX!"

JANE L. | APRIL 2, 2015 | GOOGLE
"My service light came on today, the day before Good Friday and I was driving up to Ottawa. I called Acura of Oakville to see if they could fit me in. I spoke to Jenny who said if I could bring it in right away they would fit me in! They got my car serviced in just over an hour and even washed my car for me! Great job :)"

"My husband and I both have Acuras that we have serviced at Acura of Oakville since they opened in 2008. They are the best dealership that I have ever been to! They offer first-class service with attention to detail -- Chris, Steve, Jenny and all of the people there truly care! My MDX is over 10 years old and thanks to them, I have never had any serious issues with my car. My husband's TL is 9 years old and loves being serviced at Acura of Oakville. Thanks to Carmen and his great team at Acura of Oakville for a job well done!"