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Acura Tire and Rim Protection

Tires and rims are the most under-considered component of any vehicle by drivers. Without proper and undamaged tires and rims, our vehicles either become inoperable or can lead to very serious accidents. Most road hazards are extremely unpleasant but also an unavoidable part of driving. The potential for damage to your vehicle tires and rims is very tangible. Acura Plus Tire and Rim Protection covers all costs related to tire and rim repair or replacement resulting from unexpected hazards, including potholes, uneven manhole covers, nails, screws, or other debris. This warranty covers you anywhere your Acura takes you in Canada and the United States, at any Acura dealership, without ever having to pay a deductible. Acura Plus Tire and Rim Warranty will even cover up to $100 in towing costs and contribute to lodging and food if you're more than 400km away from home.

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