Acura Technology Feature

Acura Technology Feature

Acura Technology Features

At Acura of Oakville, our new inventory hosts many Acura models that cater to various needs and wants, featuring some of the most advanced technology offerings. By booking a test drive or visiting our showroom, you can get a closer, in-depth look at your dream Acura and everything it offers. Our friendly associates are always available to assist you with anything you might need, so don't shy away from contacting us today.

Empower The Driver

Confidence with AcuraWatch

Providing you with confidence and reassurance on the road is the AcuraWatch suite of safety and driver-assistance features. With AcuraWatch, you will get various features that work along with your instincts, allowing you to drive through traffic while having support from your Acura to remain aware of dangerous situations that might have otherwise been missed.

AcuraLink Convenience

Your Acura is the perfect daily vehicle that supports your lifestyle in many ways. By using AcuraLink, you can control your Acura using your smartphone device to perform functions such as locking/unlocking doors remotely, scheduling service appointments, receiving 24/7 live assistance from a personal concierge, and more.

The Hush & Rush Of Electric

While driving in your new NSX, you can enjoy daily commutes using the Electric Mode, which delivers efficient power and ultra quietness. Regardless of the driving mode you choose, you will find that the cabin noises are minimal since a dedicated audio engineer has fine-tuned all sounds.

Precision Cockpit
GPS Climate Control
Surround View Display


Precision Cockpit

The driver-oriented cockpit enhances control and your driving experience by providing the latest technologies and easy-to-reach controls to bring you a deeper connection with your Acura. You will also find soft-touch materials on the steering wheel and various commonly touched areas to refine comfort and control.

GPS Climate Control

Further refining comfort inside the cabin is the GPS climate control, which utilizes a sensor to determine the sun's position and intensity. The climate control system can adjust the settings to maintain your desired climate temperature based on the readings from the GPS climate control.

Head-Up Display

Providing better safety and convenience is the Head-Up Display, which allows you to access various information directly from the projected display on the windshield. This feature will allow you to keep your eyes on the road, eliminating the need to look at the infotainment display for information. Some of the information that this display shows include navigation information, vehicle speed, traffic signs, warnings alerts, and much more.

Surround-View Display

Sometimes, you need a few cameras to better understand your vehicle's surroundings, making it easier to park and navigate your Acura around tight parking lots. With the Surround-View Display, you will get multiple exterior cameras that provide a 360-degree image live feed onto the infotainment display. By using this feature, you will benefit from being able to see everything around your Acura with ease.

Technology To Create

Mode Specific

Driving dynamics like throttle response, steering, shifting, and engine sound settings are all adjustable to your specific liking with the Individual mode. However, you can still benefit from the other four preset modes, including Snow, Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

Ambient Lighting

With the available IconicDrive interior accent lighting, your night drives can transform into a completely new experience. You can adjust the interior ambient lighting to one of many vibrant colours to match your mood. The ambient lighting lights up the entire cabin with soft yet colourful illumination.

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With lots of technology features being standard and available for Acura models, be sure to contact us to inquire about the availability of your desired feature on your dream Acura. Our experts will gladly walk you through the various options that you can equip on your Acura or help you explore the standard offerings. Once you are ready to take home your perfectly suited Acura model, don't forget to explore the available financing and leasing options through our dealership's Finance Centre.

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