check engine diagnostics in Oakville, ON

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Its a beautiful Sunday morning and you've decided to take your vehicle out for a relaxed drive. As you roll down the windows and look at the empty road ahead, an orange light catches your attention on the dash. The dreaded check engine light has now gained your attention, and the happiness of your drive turns to confusion and uncertainty. Don't worry, Acura of Oakville, located at 1525 North Service Rd. W. Oakville, Ontario has a state of the art service facility and trained technicians who can help you by providing check engine diagnostics.

There are many reasons that a check engine light can come on, but we need to keep in mind that proper engine maintenance can help prevent it and is vital to the longevity of your vehicle's driving force. We are excited to provide common causes for check engine lights and tips to maintain your engine. Continue to read to learn more about this important information.

Check Engine Diagnostics and Common Causes

Acura of Oakville is pleased to offer check engine diagnostics to our clientele in Mississauga, Milton, and Burlington. In some cases, the diagnostic reveals a simple fix; however, in other situations, there could be an issue that requires immediate attention. The process of diagnosing a check engine requires specialized equipment and trained technicians to conclude a precise cause. Please read below for common causes of a check engine light:

  • Loose or damaged fuel cap
  • Bad catalytic converter
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Bad mass airflow sensor
  • Inoperable spark plugs or spark plug wires

These are some of the common causes of check engine lights; however, we need to consider the importance of having the cause properly diagnosed and repaired. If left unattended, you may see a reduction in performance, fuel economy, and drivability. If you encounter this light on your dash, please visit our service centre so we can find a solution for you.

Maintaining Engine Health

Our lives revolve around relationships, typically what you put in is what you get out. Your relationship with your vehicle is no different. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your engine to get optimal performance and life expectancy.

  • Scheduled oil changes are crucial to the life of your engine. It helps to keep the engine both cool and lubricated. Old oil loses its ability to do both of these and can result in potential damage to your engine.
  • Regular inspections by trained technicians can help catch issues that may get more serious.
  • Always keep an attentive eye on your radiator fluid levels, and top as needed
  • If your check engine light comes on, it is telling you to get your vehicle checked. Book a service appointment online and have our technicians inspect your vehicle for potential causes.
  • Regular fluid inspections and top up.
  • Periodically perform a visual engine check.

These are some of the simple ways to keep your engine maintained. If you require more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Let Us Diagnose Your Vehicle

The maintenance of your engine is critical to the overall performance of your vehicle. So if your check engine light ever turns on, bring it into Acura of Oakville, our trained technicians can perform a check engine diagnostic. We will utilize the advanced resources we have to make an expert diagnosis, repair any issues, and have you back on the road as soon as possible.