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With the introduction of the digital age and society shifting from paper to electronic information we tend to rely more and more every day on our phones. With the ability to access phone numbers, emails, check the weather, even enjoy our favourite music directly from our phones it is rare not to have our smart device within reach at all times. But how do we safely access the information we need or communicate in the event of an emergency when we are on the road? Acura Link is a feature available in your Acura that uses Bluetooth wireless technology allowing you to safely access your information without ever having to hold your mobile phone while you’re behind the wheel. You can use the phone you already have to transfer information to your multi-information display to see view Caller ID information, check signal strength and battery level, and if you are in a roaming area. Plus, you can transfer a call from Acura Link to the phone and vice versa by pressing the “talk” button using your steering wheel controls. Contact us today for more information about Acura Link technology and test drive a New or Pre-Owned Acura

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